Broken Links

Broken links are links that no longer work... they do not take you to the intended page because the intended page is no longer on the internet. Broken links frustrate the visitor to your website and if you have too many broken links they are likely to leave your website and not return. There are three types of links which may break, but fortunately in each case there are ways to resolve the situation and minimise the effect.

Internal Links

These are links from one page to another page within your website.


External links - Links from your website

You need to check periodically that any links on your website to pages on other websites are still valid

The Broken link checkers referenced above can check both internal and external links.


External links - Links to your website

Of particular concern are links to your web site on Google search engine results pages. If you have removed an indexed page then people clicking on such a link will be taken to your custom error page (assuming you have created one) an alternative is to create a 301 permanent redirect on your server from your removed page to your homepage.

This is of particular value if you have undertaken a major re-design and the new file names are different from the old file names. (You can save a lot of broken link problems and the time you need to spend on their resolution by not deleting/removing pages unless absolutely necessary. If you have pages such as about-us.html, products.html, services.html, testimonials.html etc amend those pages as and when necessary but keep the same file names if at all possible).