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Getting something for nothing sounds great but it is worth considering the pros and cons of free domains and whether they will meet your requirements. If everything goes wrong you won't lose financially but you may feel "cheated" and feel that you have wasted your time having a free domain name.

Let's look first at some of the popular free domain names and their providers


This Dutch company in partnership with the national governments of the countries concerned offers the following free domain names:

Once registered these domains can be forwarded to the web address of your choice or name server details can be set to your webspace to enable you to create your website

When you register for a free webhosting package you also receive up to 3 free domain names


When you register for a free webhosting package you also receive up to 5 free domain names

Free Web Hosting

Choice of 10 subdomains -,,,,,,,,,


French language site offering free (Norfolk Island), (São Tomé and Príncipe), (Christmas Island),, subdomains


Pros and Cons




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Do not use free domains for long term or commercial business websites. Restrict use of freedomains such as the above for personal websites or for test websites before commiting to purchasing a domain. However considering the low cost of domains it would be worthwhile to buy a regular domain. do offer an attractive free package including domain name and free hosting which could be considered suitable for a "hobby" website. It depends whether you already have a professional paid-for webhosting package which permits unlimited add-on domains. If you had such a package then there might not be a need for free hosting.



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