Linkbuilding Spam

Why people can't just come out with the truth and say they are an SEO consultant and are requesting a link for one of their clients?

Instead they spin out this "fairy story" of being a teacher, their pupils liking our page and the "pupils" having suggested a page which should be linked. The "teacher" goes on to say how she would like to reward the "children" if their link appears on the page. The High 5 really takes the biscuit!

Read the contact form submission for yourself. I have removed the requested link url but left the sender's e-mail address. Checking out their website shows another "fairy tale" of a fake website... plenty of words backing up being an education website but no contact details and no services being offered.

E-Mail from Sarah Beretz

How did I respond?

Replied telling her about our paid-link inclusion program and I have not heard from her since. I also suggested she reward her children even if their suggested link does not appear on this website.


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