Technical Resources


Most of the resources described on this page are either free or low cost.


Affilate programs

5 Best Affiliate Programs on Impact Radius

The Best Affiliate Programs on Impact Radius In 2024


AI Face Generator



Face Generator


AI Image Generator

Freepik AI image generator

Bing Image Creator

Blue Willow





From Text to Speech

Audacity Audio software P

MP3 Cut (Edit MP3 length)

Free MP3 Joiner (Merge MP3s)

Online Audio Joiner (Free Merge Audios)

Audio Converter


Back Links

Backlink Watch

Open Link Profiler

Backlink Blacklist



Sort Code Checker

List of Sort Codes



How to start a blog

Learn how to create a blog

Tutorial on Using a WordPress to Create a Blog

How to create a WordPress blog from scratch


Broadband Speed Tests

Virgin Media Speed Test

Speed Test R

Run Speed Test R


Broken Links Checkers

Broken Link Check R

Dead Link Checker

Dr Link Check R


Browsers (Alternative)

Brave P


Mozilla Firefox



Epic Privacy Browser

Tor Browser



Free simple bookkeeping Excel spreadsheet


Button Makers

Button Generator


Call-to-Action Button Generator


Car History Check (UK)

Check Car History

Free Car Check

Free Car History Check


Chat GPT

Talk AI - No registration required

Chat GPT

Open AI



Christian Bible Resources


Bible Gateway P

Blue Letter Bible

Online Bible


Audio Bible

United Christian Broadcasters

Christian Headlines



Cloud Servers

Tonido - Private Cloud Server


Color Pickers

Color Picker II

Iconico Color Pic

HTML Color Picker


Color Tools

Colors (tools)

RGB/ Hexadecimal Converter

Hexadecimal/ Rgb Converter


Company / Director Search

Company Check R

Company Searches Made Simple R

Company search by postcode


Director Stats

Companies House

Companies in the UK


Computer Care

Smart Defrag (Defrag program) P

Advanced System Care P

CCleaner P


Copyright and Copyright infringement

How copyright protects your work UK site

Can embedding, hotlinking, or inline linking constitute copyright infringement?

Answers to Questions About Copyright Law for Photographers

Cease and Desist Letters

Finding the Host

Contacting the Host

See also Stock photos


Currency Converter R


Desk Top Publishing

Free Desktop Publishing Software for Windows

Scribus P


Digital citizenship

What is digital citizenship?


Disposable E-Mail addresses

Mail Golem

Crypto G Mail

FakeMail Generator

Temp Mail

Disposable Mail Address

Temporary E-Mail Address

Throwaway Mail

The following services can be used for receiving e-mails and also be used for sending e-mails:



DNS Tools / Whois

What is my IP Address?

IP Address Data

DNS Tools (varied)

Reverse IP Domain Check
(find other sites on a web server)

Reverse DNS Look Up


Whois 2

Whois Lookup Tool

Who is Hosting Tool

Who is Hosting this website



Freenom - not registering new domains

Azote French language site offering free,,,, subdomains

Free Domain

Free DNS - Free subdomains and forwarding

Numeric .XYZ Domains - 99 cent domains

Namesilo (Paid) R

Just Host Me (Paid) R




Mals-E Shopping Cart (Free) R

E-Commerce Guide to selling online (Free)



GMail/Google Mail P

Yahoo Mail



Mail Com

Purelymail - low cost mail service


E-Mail (Europe) (France) (Germany) (Switzerland) (Bulgaria) (Czech Republic) (Hungary) (Estonia) (Latvia) (Lithuania) (Russia) (Europe)
.at (Austria), .bt (Belgium), .ch (Switzerland), .de (Germany), .it (Italy), .nl (Netherlands) and .eu (Europe) available


E-Mail (Encrypted)

Disroot (Netherlands) (Curaçao)

Protonmail (Switzerland)

Tutanota (Germany)

Crypho (Norway)


E-Mail address Encryption

Email Obfuscator

Address Munger

Knechtology Stop Spam

Katatuka Anti-spam


E-Mail Clients

Thunderbird P


E-Mail Marketing Service

Mailchimp P


E-Mail Reminders


KIS Reminder R


E-Mail Tools

Verify E-Mail address


Fake News



File Compression (online)

We Compress R


File Converters (online)

Zamzar P

Free File Convert R

Cloud Convert

Free PDF Convert (Convert to/from PDF)


File Generators/Sample Files

Fake File Generator

Online Random File Generator

Corrupt File Generator

File Examples


File Hosting / Sharing

Dropbox (2GB)

GMX Cloud (2GB)

Disroot (2GB)

OneDrive (5GB)

Eclipso Drive (5GB)

OpenDrive (5GB) (10GB - Free) (10GB - Free) (10GB - Free)

Google Drive (15GB - Free)

Mega NZ (20GB - Free) Cloud (25GB) P

Playbook (100GB)

Kiwi6 (mp3 hosting)

Free Online Backup Services (Reviews Dec 2020)

See also "PDF Hosting"


File Transfer


We Transfer P

Mail Big File P

PCloud Transfer

File Hosting

Go File




Bravenet Forums



FTP Clients

Classic FTP Free

Core FTP

FTP995 Free FTP Client R




FTP Online




Graphics Resources

Free PNG IMG (Graphics)



Bravenet Guestbooks




Hash / GUID Generators

MD5 Generator

MD5 Generator

SHA-1 Generator

SHA256 Generator

SHA512 Generator

GUID Generator

Online UUID Generator

The Quick Guide to GUIDs



Useful guide on WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting Guide

D9 Solutions R

Krystal Hosting R

Siteground R

Just Host Me P



Houses for Sale, Sold prices, Valuations (UK)

Zoopla P

Rightmove P

The Move Market


Get The Data



Allowing/Disallowing Directory Listings

Password protecting Directories


HTML Character Codes

HTML Character Codes

HTML Entities

Character Entity Reference Chart

HTML Arrows HTML Character Codes


HTML Tutorials

Lisa Explains

Page Tutor

HTML Basix

W3 Schools R



UXwing Icons


ID Tools (Legal purposes only)

Fake Name Generator

Fake Telephone numbers

Fictitious Telephone numbers (Ofcom)

Random UK Addresses

Random UK Address Generator

Fake Address Generator (UK and World)

Postcode Generator


Image Galleries

Fancy Box

High Slide

Slideshow Maker (Free)


Image Hosting




Image Mapping (online)

Image Map Generator 1

Image Map Generator 2

Image Map Generator 3


Internet Archive

Wayback Machine - Internet Archive P

Geocities Archive



Invoice Generator



Javascript Kit



Keyphrase Finder

Longtail keyword finder


Landing Pages




Legal Agreements

Trusted legal agreements


Linux (alternative o/s)

Linux Mint R

Easy Linux Tips Project R


Logo Makers

Online Logomaker

Logo Factory's Free Logo Maker

8 Free Online Logo Makers


Lorem Ipsum

Random Text Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Office Ipsum Generator

Obama Ipsum Generator

Star Trek Ipsum Generator



Free World Country Maps

Maps of the World (free)



Marketing Teacher





Name Generators


Random British Names

Online Name Generators (10+)

Project Name Generator

Project Codename

Name Generators (Collection)


Name Lists

Top 500 British Surnames

135 Most Popular English (British) Last Names Or Surnames

Behind the Name (surnames)

Project names

Novanym - Name your Business - suitable for project /user names

Brandbucket - Business names - suitable for project /user names

Project or Usernames

1000 Largest Cities and Towns in the UK by Population

World Capital Cities with their country


Noises / Noise Generators

White Noise (12 hours)

Green Noise (12 hours)

Blue Noise (12 hours)

Violet Noise (12 hours)

Brown Noise (12 hours)

Red Noise (10 hours)

Pink Noise (10 hours)

Grey Noise (10 hours)

Yellow Noise (10 hours)

Orange Noise (10 hours)

Galactic Star Cruiser White Noise (10 hours)

Starship Sleeping Quarters White Noise (10 hours)

Deep Space Nine (12 hours)

USS Voyager Ambient Engine Noise (12 hours)

Airplane Cabin White Noise (10 hours)

Airplane White Noise (10 hours)

Rain Noise (10 hours)

Annoying Beep (21 seconds)

10 Hour Beeping

Free Music, Sound Effects and Images

Noise Machines


Online Graph Creation (Pie Charts etc)

Create a Pie Chart


Online Notes




Online Mapping

Google Earth

Grid Reference Finder


Online Programs (Misc)

Count Characters

Word Count Tool

Text to HTML Entities

Convert Text to HTML Entities

Text Manipulation Tools

Text and lists (tools)

Generate Lists of Numbers

Font Identification


Password Generators and Managers

Free Password Generator

1Password Free Password Generator

LastPass Free Password Generator

Perfect Passwords (GRC Ultra High Security)

PIN Generator

Secure PIN Number Generator

Pincode Generator

Password Meter - How Secure is my Password? Free Online Tool

How secure is my password? R

The Real Life Risks Of Re Using The Same Passwords

The Best Password Managers


Password Protected Areas

PageCrypt - Password Protect HTML

PPA - Dynamic Drive

Password Protect Website or Sub-directory

Encrypting passwords


Password Protection (Simple scripts)

Password Protection


Password Prompt


PDF Hosting

PDF Host


See also "File Hosting/Sharing"


PDF Software

PDF Acrobat Reader

Foxit PDF Reader

PDF Creation software

PDF Editing Online (Free)

Free PDF Convert (Convert to/from PDF)

Image to PDF software

Pdf Spilt

Pdf Join

Pdf Merge

Combine PDFs

PDF to JPG - Online Converter


Photo and Image Resources

Top Free Photo Editors for Windows - Online Photo Manipulation

GIMP - Image manipulation program

Paint - Image and photo editing program P

Free Music, Sound Effects and Images R

Images (tools)

Lunapic Online Editor

Canva - Online Picture Editor

Fotojet - Photo design

Ezgif - Online animated GIF tools

Posters, Flyers Design (online)

Image Slicer (online)

Diagram Drawing application (online)

Online Image Resizer

Resize your Image

Image Resizer

Invert Colours online (plus other tools)

DepositPhoto - Free Background Remover R

Adobe Express - Free Background Remover R

Lunapic - Transparent Background Creator

Lunapic - Borders

Lunapic - Drop Shadow Creator P

Lunapic - Rounded Border Creator

Lunapic - Watermark Tool

Stripe Generator

Favicon Generator

My Live Signature (Signature Creator)


Image Converter

Image to PDF - Convert and combine up to 20 images P

Image to PDF converter


Policies, Specimen for Charities etc

Charity Safeguarding Policy

Volunteer Management

Conflict of Interest Policy

Charity Reserves Policy

Charity Risk Management

Charity Risk Policy (PDF)

Payment of Staff


Privacy Policies

Free Privacy Policy Generator


QR Code Generators

Online QR Code Generator

Create QR-code online

QR Code Generator

Scan QR, Barcode and DataMatrix code on photo online


Random generators

Random Data Generator

Random Word Generator (Suite of Generators)


Random number/code generators

Random Numbers

Free Random Codes Generator

Random Code Generator

Random Code Generator 2

Random Letter Generator



No More Ransom


Reverse Image Search

Tin Eye


Safety Online

Helping parents keep their children safe online

Social Media Addiction U.S. website



Scam Adviser

Scam Detector

Tin Eye (reverse image search)

Scam Baiting Tools

Scammer Payback (Videos)

Top 5 Scams and How to Protect Yourself


Search Engines (Privacy based)


Search Encrypt

Start Page

Duck Duck Go



Search Engine Optimisation (Articles)

What is Off-Page Optimization and Why Your Business Needs It?

Help search engines to better understand your website with an XML sitemap

On-page optimization tips for boosting your rankings and delighting your visitors

Why You Need to Optimize Your Content for Search Intent

How to use keyword research to attract the most qualified visitors.

How quality backlinks can dramatically improve your organic rankings.


Search Engine Optimisation (Tools)

Check Domains (Free)

Webpage Analyser

Site Report Card

SEO Tools



Beware Spam With HTML Attachments R

How to hide your IP address on the Web

Online Privacy Tips

How to Safeguard your Online Privacy

Safe Online Browsing

Avast (Anti-Virus) P

Zone Alarm (Firewall) R


Sitemap Generators

Image Sitemap Generator R

Sitemap Generator (500 pages max)

Sitemap Generator (1000 pages max)



India based Web Design Company Spam emails



Statcounter (Free) R



1000 Largest Cities and Towns in the UK by Population


Stock Audio

Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Sound Effects

Free Music, Sound Effects and Images


Stock Photos

Free Stock Photos

Pexels (Free)

Unsplash (Free) P

Pixabay (Free) P

Freeimages/SXC (Free) P (Free)

Pxhere (Free)

FreeBibleImages P

Stock vault (Free)

Pikwizard - High Quality, Free Stock Photos (Free)

Pixy (Free)

Freepik (Free)

Free Range Stock (Free)

IStock Photos (Low Cost)

RGB Stock (Free)

The 27+ Best Free Stock Photo Sites in 2023!

What does "Royalty Free" mean?

What are Royalty Free Images? Best Guide to use Royalty Free Photos!

3 Steps to Find & Use Copyright Free Images


Stock Videos

Free Video clips

Stock Video footage


Street View

Instant Streetview


Subdomain Finders


Site Analyser

Subdomain finder


Surveys and Polls

Smart Survey

Free Online Surveys

Google Forms

See also "Web Forms"


Test Automation Platforms

Test Project


Text/HTML Hosting

Private Bin

Protected Text

Traff Text Uploader

Free Text Host

Text Uploader


See also "Web Publishing (Single Page)


Transmitting Large Files / Sharing

Mail Big File

Your File Link (Up to 5GB)


URL Shortener

Tiny URL






Video Conferencing

Zoom Video (40mins - Free) P


Videos Online




VPN Services

VPN: The Definitive Guide

Proxy servers vs VPNS

Best VPN services for 2021

Tunnel Bear


Proton VPN

Opera VPN

Hotspot Shield


Web Capture

Screenshot Generator


Screenshot Machine R



Web Forms

AidaForm P

Google Forms

See also "Surveys and Polls"


Webpage Creation

Helpful comparison of website builders  

Overview of Popular Website Builders  

How to create a website  

Website Builder Wizard  

Comparison of CMS  


Free Broken Link Checker

HTML character codes


Website Builders






Google Sites

The Best Free Website Builders Vs. (2024 Comparison)



Website Hosting



Helio Host


Infinity Free

D9 Solutions (Paid) R

Krystal Hosting (Paid) R

Siteground (Paid) R

Just Host Me (Paid) P


Webpage Design

Beautiful WordPress Themes

How to Make a Website  

Wordpress Hacks  

Guide to Creating a Website with WordPress


Build Your Website  

How to make a Website  

Fixed vs. Fluid vs. Elastic Layout: What’s The Right One For You?

Websitebuilder Articles


Web Publishing (Single Page)



See also "Text/HTML Hosting"


Web Proxy Servers (Free)

Hidester (2 servers) (3 servers) (22 EU & US)

KPROXY (10 servers)

VPNBook (US, UK, France, Canada

Whoer (France, 2 Netherlands, 3 Russia, Sweden, UK)

HidemyAss (2 USA, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Czech Republic)


Website Designers

Salt and Light Solutions


Website Monitoring


Status Cake R


Website Speed Tests

Pingdom Tools

GTMetrix Website Speed & Performance


Website Validation Markup Validation Service

Website Validator

Secure Website validation


Wordpress Themes (Free)

Top 40+ Best Free WordPress Themes 2018  

20+ Free High Quality WordPress Themes (2017)


Word Processing / Office Suite

Libre Office R

Open Office

Free Office

Zen Pen (Online wp)


World Time

World Time R


Zip Programs

7zip (Zip Program)

Best Free Winzip alternatives

P = Personally used and recommended. R = Recommended. X = Problems.

plus = Mouse-over plus symbol to see additional details of the linked webpage



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