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Free Hosting is a great way to start your first website. Later when you are used to creating and updating websites you can consider whether paid hosting might be more suitable for a long term professional internet presence.

Historically there were a large number of free webhosts in the mid to late 1990s but most of those have ceased doing business. At that time they offered up to 15MB of space (a wholly inadequate amount of space by today's standards) The companies made their money by placing adverts on the free websites which somewhat spoiled the websites themselves, mind you the websites were often gaudy affairs with flashing text, animated images as amateur webmasters tried out the new media.

These are some of the most well known of the free webspace providers from this era:

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Today there are many free webspace providers with varying service levels (up time) however the following services are popular and worthy of consideration:


Website Builders

Wix Free, Paid versions (Freemium model)

Weebly Free, Paid versions (Freemium model)

Jimdo Free, Paid versions (Freemium model)

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8b Free, Paid versions (Freemium model)

PageXL One page website - Free, Paid versions (Freemium model)

Carrd One page website - Free, Paid versions (Freemium model)


Free Hosting provided including free domain name


Up to three free and subdomain names together with websites, cPanel (e-mail accounts not included) but option to install Wordpress or Pages can be created offline and uploaded by FTP. Sitebuilder also available. Free, paid versions (Freemium model) - 1GB

The free service does not provide a webpage builder, but you can host a wordpress or joomla blog. Webpages can be created offline using your preferred html or text editor and uploaded by ftp. includes a free subdomain name (see article on free domain names)

As of 2nd September 2019, was unavailable and a notice was posted on the control panel of the website hosting stating that the registry has suspended the domain. wikipedia. As an alternative are offering free domain names

FreehostingEU Free, paid versions (Freemium model) - 200MB

The free service allows you to host a wordpress or joomla blog. Webpages can be created offline using your preferred html or text editor and uploaded by ftp. FreehostingEU includes up to 5 free subdomain names (see article on free domain names)

Free Web Hosting Free - 1.5GB

Choice of 10 subdomains -,,,,,,,,,


Pros and Cons of Free Hosting




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If you are not conversant with HTML, css and the mechanisms of webpage construction then consider Wix, Weebly and Jimdo.

Wordpress and Joomla Content Management Systems (CMS) do have learning curves, so be prepared to spend some time getting to know how to use the Website creation tools., FreehostingEU and FreehostingArea are essentially offering you just the webspace... you need to know how to create the webpages to occupy the space, they can be as simple or as complicated as you wish.


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