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Your Broadband provider will provide you with one or more e-mail addresses as part of your broadband package

These will give you typical e-mail addresses ending with the domain name of the broadband provider:

Virgin Media
Talk Talk

These e-mail addresses are provided as part of your continued subscription to the broadband company in question. If you change broadband providers you are likely to lose your e-mail address, though it may be possible to continue to use the e-mail address if you pay a small fee per month. If on the other hand you do not have a broadband provider but make use of public computers in libraries, educational institutions or perhaps at your place of work you need a way of obtaining an e-mail address and sending and receiving e-mails.

Fortunately there is a way of obtaining an e-mail address that does not require you to have a continuing paid broadband service or even to have your own internet connected computer and that is through a free e-mail provider, who will provide you with a free e-mail account where you can send and receive e-mails on any computer using webmail where your e-mails are stored on the provider's computer servers.

Major Free E-Mail providers

GMail - Launched 2004, 1.2 Billion users worldwide in July 2017

Outlook - Launched as Hotmail 1996, relaunched as Outlook 2012, 450 Million users in 2016

Yahoo Mail - Launched 1997, 225 Million users in Feb 2017

GMX Mail - Launched 1997, 11 Million users in Jun 2017 - Launched 1995, very similar to GMX which owns both

Zoho Mail - 10 Million users in Jun 2017

iCloud - 720 Million users

AOL Mail - 24 Million users in July 2012



GMail is the best overall. People in all walks of life expect to see someone with a gmail e-mail address. Users of Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Broadband provider addresses may be thought of as people stuck in the past. GMX is a good alternative especially for someone who wishes to avoid Google for any reason. Zoho is part of a suite of office programs and may be worth further consideration. iCloud is aimed at the Apple Mac community.


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Other Free E-Mail providers

Perhaps you don't wish to be one of the 1 Billion GMail users worldwide. You may have found that the only e-mail address available from google is something like If so consider GMX, or one of the following smaller less popular e-mail providers which will most likely give you an equally reliable service. (Estonia) - one of the Baltic states bordering Russia. The interface is in English. You are more likely to find your desired e-mail address without having to add numbers to your name. (Latvia) - another of the Baltic states, the interface is again in English (Lithuania) - another of the Baltic states, the interface is again in English (Bulgaria) - Bulgarian service, the interface is in Bulgarian translate into English online (Czech Republic) - the western part of the former republic of Czechoslovakia, the interface is in Czech but it is easy to translate neccesary information into English online. address also available. (Denmark) - Danish service, the interface is in Danish but can be translated in the browser (Denmark) - another Danish service, the interface is in Danish but can be translated in the browser (Finland) - Finish service, the interface is in Finnish but can be translated in the browser (Hungary) - Hungarian service, the interface is in Hungarian but can be translated in the browser. Can be a little tricky to register... need Hungarian address and postcode. (Moldova) - small country just east of Romania, the interface is in Romanian (Russia) - think "outside the box" and get an e-mail address from Russia. Interface in Russian. There is an English signup here. Once you are signed up it is relatively easy to use the webmail even though the page is in Russian. The attraction of is the 25GB of free Cloud storage which is great for audio (mp3) hosting. The interface to administer the Cloud storage is in English (Europe) - English interface, German company choice of .at (Austria), .bt (Belgium), .ch (Switzerland), .de (Germany), .it (Italy), .nl (Netherlands) and .eu (Europe) domain names



Language considerations might put you off,, but once you have registered, the layout of the webmail interface is very similar to an English/American E-Mail provider. Use of a foreign e-mail address with a country extension (the part after the dot) may be problematic within the UK if you are applying for jobs especially post Brexit, you may be thought not to have permission to work within the UK. For personal use though why not choose to be different, it wont cost you anything!



For something more "unusual" consider one of the Baltic states providers or Eclipso


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