It is good practice when considering doing business with a company to see what other people think of the company in question and whether they would recommend the company to others.

Review Centre and Trust Pilot are two of the major review sites, there are others.

In addition to providing comments on the service received from the company a reviewer is invited to give the company a star rating from one to five stars (five stars being a very high recommendation, and one star in effect being a recommendation to avoid using the company). When a company has been reviewed many times, hundreds or even thousands of reviews then a fair picture emerges of whether the reviewers as a whole recommend the company or not. Whilst a five star rating might seem good, if there are only two reviews on the review site it does not neccessarily give a representative picture of the companies performance (similarly a one star rating recorded against a company by again just two reveiwers might not be respresenative of the performance of the company)

At the time of preparing this page Review centre displayed 883 different companies reviewed that were described as Web Hosting Companies (they may also have offered domain registration) many of them being reviewed less than 10 times. In the table below I list Web Hosting Companies on the Review Centre site at the time of preparing the page in both descending order of star rating and number of reviews.

Web Hosting Companies

Company Name Review Centre Star rating No of reviews Trust Pilot Star rating No of reviews
Unlimited Web Hosting Review Centre 4.9 1499 + Trust Pilot 9.5 724
Smart Hosting Review Centre 4.9 746 + Trust Pilot 9.1 637
Krystal Review Centre 5 126 Trust Pilot 9.8 491
GigaPros Review Centre 4.8 646 + Trust Pilot 6.9 8
Host-Ed Review Centre 4.9 162 + Trust Pilot 7.2 13
KVC Webhosting Review Centre 4.8 222 Trust Pilot Not listed Not listed
JustHostMe Review Centre 4.7 699 Trust Pilot 7.6 23
InMotion Hosting Review Centre 4.7 399 Trust Pilot 7.7 103
34SP Review Centre 4.7 204 Trust Pilot 9.5 10
Free Virtual Servers Review Centre 4.6 576 Trust Pilot 9.1 354 Review Centre 4.6 82 Trust Pilot 7.4 10
Unlimited GB Review Centre 4.5 173 Trust Pilot 8.5 143
CWCS Review Centre 4.5 126 Trust Pilot 9.0 111
Titan Internet Review Centre 4.4 293 Trust Pilot 8.8 34
Webhosting Hub Review Centre 4.4 139 Trust Pilot 5 16
Dataflame Review Centre 4.3 422 Trust Pilot 8.1 8
Global Gold Review Centre 4.3 257 Trust Pilot 8.3 25
Freezone Review Centre 4.3 254 + Trust Pilot 9.3 106
Siteground Review Centre 4.3 69 Trust Pilot 9.7 1158
Easyspace Review Centre 3.2 517 Trust Pilot 8.1 556

Notes: Review Centre ratings are out of a maximum of 5, Trust Pilot ratings are out of a maximum of 10. Potential Communications does not receive payments from any of the companies mentioned on this page


Michael Fowler


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