Website Builders

How do you create your website?

Do you use a WYSIWYG program such as Adobe Dreamweaver, openElement, Froala Editor or CoffeeCup HTML Editor, or do you use a HTML text editors such as Atom Text Editor, Quill or even the possibly overlooked Notepad ?

All the above programs have a learning curve and there are ways of achieving the same results and perhaps even better results by using one of a range of Website Builders.

Even in the "pioneer days" of Geocities and other free website providers drag-and-drop "Site builders" were an option when you did not wish to learn HTML (and css) or make use of a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Things though have progressed a long way since then and Website Builders offer a way of creating slick professional looking websites without having to learn HTML and are available at a budget cost or even free.

Website Builders offer the following benefits:

Website Builders you should consider:

8b Free, Paid versions (Freemium model)

PageXL One page website - Free, Paid versions (Freemium model)

Carrd One page website - Free, Paid versions (Freemium model)

Wix Free, Paid versions (Freemium model)

Weebly Free, Paid versions (Freemium model)

Jimdo Free, Paid versions (Freemium model)

Reviews of Website builders including Wix, Weebly and Jimdo


Subdomain addresses:

Website builders include a subdomain address with their free accounts. These are not always the most user-friendly addresses because some of the website-builder websites would like you to upgrade to a paid premium account including a custom domain name

These are the subdomain address formats for the website builders reviewed above: -

PageXL -

Carrd -

Wix -

Weebly -

Jimdo -


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